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Jake Blumencranz is running to serve you in the State Assembly and lead Long Island into a safer, more affordable future for families, senior citizens and young people. From working to lower the rising cost of living to improving educational opportunities for all students, Jake will take on the issues that affect every day New Yorkers and replace the culture of extremism and political polarization in Albany with one of action for a better tomorrow. A private sector business executive with extensive education in economics, Jake’s real-world experience will benefit taxpayers.


Inflation, high taxes and rising gas prices are hurting Long Islanders. These issues can only be tackled by people with business and economic experience – not by career politicians. A 4th generation insurance executive, Jake knows what it takes to get our economy back on track and put money back into taxpayers’ wallets.  Jake’s four-point plan will permanently cut gas taxes, increase property tax breaks for homeowners, cut income taxes for middle class families, and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse within the state budget. Unlike other extremist legislators who talk about fixing the economy, Jake dedicated years to understanding its intricacies and has the background and skills to improve it.


A graduate of The London School of Economics and Rice University, Jake was called to public service at a young age. Born and raised on Long Island, Jake graduated from Jericho High School and began working for the Nassau County District Court soon after. There, he had a front row seat to our criminal justice system and saw the critical role judges play in keeping our families and neighborhoods safe. That’s why Jake will vote to repeal dangerous bail laws that free violent thugs from jail. He will also vote to return greater discretion to judges when it comes to setting bail. Make no mistake, Jake will be a public safety champion in Albany and work with police, not against them, to keep our communities safe. Jake currently serves as a proud advisory board member of the Nassau County Police Foundation.


Combatting high taxes and rising crime are on the top of Jake’s agenda; however, he will also work to restore Long Island as a place where young people want to return to, call home, and raise their families. Jake will work to improve educational opportunities for all students, including expanding alternative career pathways like trade schools and BOCES programs while also increasing parent rights in education and state funding for local schools. Residents can also count on Jake to be the loudest advocate for environmental sustainability, fighting climate change, and protecting our drinking water.


A resident of the Town of Oyster Bay, Jake earned a Master of Science in Regional Urban Planning and Economic Development at The London School of Economics and a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy and Religious Studies from Rice University, one of the top schools in the nation. While in college, Jake was one of a select group of College Republicans nationwide to lead a University Chapter, where he worked to promote free speech and diversity of thought on campus. Jake also interned at Fox News and in the financial sector.

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